The Best Roasted Coffee Beans Price Guide for Restaurants

Sep 28, 2023


Welcome to Falcon Roasters! As experts in the coffee industry, we understand the importance of finding the best roasted coffee beans for your restaurant. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with valuable insights on selecting and pricing roasted coffee beans, ensuring that your restaurant serves the finest quality coffee to your valued customers.

Why Quality Coffee Beans Matter

When it comes to creating an exceptional coffee experience, using high-quality coffee beans is crucial. The taste, aroma, and overall satisfaction of your customers greatly rely on the quality of the coffee beans you choose. At Falcon Roasters, we are committed to sourcing only the finest coffee beans from around the world and roasting them to perfection.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Roasted Coffee Beans

1. Origins and Varieties:

Understanding the origins and varieties of coffee beans is essential in providing a diverse range of flavors to your customers. We source beans from renowned coffee growing regions, such as Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, and more. Our extensive selection includes beans with varying taste profiles, allowing you to create a unique coffee menu.

2. Roasting Profiles:

The roasting process plays a significant role in unlocking the flavors of the coffee beans. We offer a range of roasting profiles, from lighter to darker roasts. Lighter roasts bring out the distinctive flavors of the bean, while darker roasts offer bold and smoky characteristics. Our experienced roasters ensure that each batch is meticulously roasted to achieve the perfect balance.

3. Packaging and Shelf Life:

Proper packaging is crucial in maintaining the freshness and quality of roasted coffee beans. Our beans come in airtight packaging with one-way valves that release carbon dioxide while preventing oxygen from entering. This ensures that the beans stay fresh for longer, allowing you to offer consistent quality to your customers.

Factors Affecting Roasted Coffee Beans Price

1. Quality of the Beans:

High-quality coffee beans generally come at a higher price due to their sourcing, processing, and overall flavor profile. At Falcon Roasters, we prioritize quality and meticulously select beans that undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure excellence.

2. Availability and Seasonality:

Some coffee beans may have limited availability or are subject to seasonal changes in supply. This can influence the price due to factors like demand, crop yield, and harvesting conditions. We work closely with our trusted suppliers to maintain a consistent supply of the finest coffee beans throughout the year.

3. Fairtrade and Sustainability:

Ensuring that coffee beans are ethically sourced is an important consideration for many businesses. Fairtrade and sustainable practices often involve additional costs, which can reflect in the price of the roasted coffee beans. At Falcon Roasters, we support fair trade practices and prioritize sustainability, ensuring that the farmers and the environment are treated with respect.

Choosing the Right Roasted Coffee Beans for your Restaurant

1. Identify Your Customers' Preferences:

Understanding your customers' taste preferences is crucial in choosing the right coffee beans for your restaurant. Consider conducting surveys or offering customers a variety of coffee samples to gather insights into their preferred flavors and profiles.

2. Experimentation and Taste Testing:

Dedicate time to experiment with different coffee beans and roasting profiles. Conduct taste tests with your staff and trusted customers to gather feedback and refine your coffee selection. Our team at Falcon Roasters can provide you with sample packs to try before making bulk purchases.

3. Relationship with Suppliers:

Developing a strong relationship with coffee bean suppliers is essential in ensuring consistent quality and competitive pricing. At Falcon Roasters, we value long-term partnerships with our suppliers, enabling us to offer you the best possible prices without compromising on quality.


With Falcon Roasters as your trusted partner, you can confidently choose the best roasted coffee beans for your restaurant. We take pride in offering high-quality coffee beans at competitive prices, allowing you to provide an exceptional coffee experience to your valued customers. Contact us today to discover our extensive coffee bean selection and take your restaurant's coffee offerings to new heights!

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